The nationwide power system outage experienced on Wednesday evening, 13th December, 2017 was caused by a system failure at the Bujagali 220/132kV Transmission Switchyard.

The blackout occurred at 19.00hrs when one of the equipment at the Switchyard exploded causing damage to one of the transformers, resulting into a system fault and all generator units at the Bujagali 250MW Hydro Power Dam in Jinja went off.

Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) said that the system failure caused the generators at the Bujagali dam to go off causing a supply deficit on the system and the other generators on the system could not sustain the national power demand causing a total power blackout.

Uganda’s current power system demand in the country stands at 600MW at peak time.

The Uganda power system was re-energised by the interconnection with the Kenya system at Tororo at 19.57hours, which was extended to the Bujagali and Nalubale transmission Switchyards at 19.58hours.

At 20.03 hours the first generator at the Bujagali 250 MW was restored and the first transmission power line was back on the system at 20.04 hours and by 21.55hours all the transmission lines were back in the system as more generation capacity was added on the system, restoring full power supply to all load centers in the country.

Any inconveniences that were caused are highly regretted.


Grid Expansion
The Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) will invest approximately United States Dollars 419.4million in the grid expansion plan to provide adequate transmission infrastructure to meet the load demand requirements within the next five years.

Way leaves public notice.

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