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Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) commissioned the 132kV Isimba Switchyard and transmission line. The Isimba switchyard is part of the Isimba-Bujagali Interconnection project which aims at providing adequate transmission capacity to evacuate power generated at the Isimba Hydro Power Station (HPS) and connecting the station to the transmission grid. It will also contribute to the power in the country and East African region. 

The Isimba –Bujagali Interconnection Project consists of a 132kV double circuit steel tower power transmission line (42km) from the switchyard at Isimba dam to the existing switchyard and Bujagali dam. This project will;

      • Provide electrical power to meet the energy needs for the Ugandan population for social and economic development.
      • Eradicate poverty through providing electricity needed for the large, medium and small scale industries.
      • Mitigate the power deficit within the country.
      • Provide power needed to Facilitate Rural Electrification.

The Isimba transmission line was funded by EXIM Bank which funded the construction of the line & substations and the Government of Uganda which funded the Resettlement Action Program (RAP).

China International Water & Electric Corporation (CWE) was contracted to carry out construction of the project.

UETCL intends to double its existing national grid base from the current 2,317.991km of High Voltage Transmission Lines (HVTL) to over 3,000 km, which will enable the company interconnect with neighboring countries, evacuate power from generation plants, extension of the grid to support government programs and reinforcement of capacity to meet the increasing demand.

All transmission projects are in line with the Government’s Vision 2040 and National Development Plan (2015-2020) which aim to achieve the Energy Sector Policy goal of meeting the energy needs of Uganda’s population for socio-economic development and industrialization.


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