Company Secretary


The Company Secretary Department is an independent Legal function, established within UETCL. It operates as a service to the Board of Directors and management for all the legal and governance implications of proposed actions


  • To ensure that the Company complies with standard financial and legal practice and maintains high standards of corporate governance.

  • Organising and preparing agenda and Papers for board meetings, committee meetings, management meetings and annual general meetings (AGMs).
  • Organising Shareholders, Board and Management meetings, extracting resolutions, lodging required forms and annual returns with the Companies Registry.
  • Follow up on actions from Annual General Meetings, Board and Management meetings with the Managing Director/CEO and the Management team.
  • Maintain statutory books, including Registers of members and Directors.
  • Actively contribute to Board meetings and discussions as and when required, and advise Board members of the legal and governance implications of proposed actions.
  • Witness all Company documents and keeping custody of the Company Seal.


Mrs. Georgina Matama Kugonza Musisi
The Company Secretary

Company Secretary Department Organisation Chart

FAQs - About us

FAQs - About the Company

1.   What is UETCL?

UETCL is a registered abbreviation for Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited. UETCL is one of the three successor companies created as a result of the unbundling of Uganda Electricity Board (UEB).

2. How many licenses does UETCL have?

UETCL has 4 licenses namely;

 Bulk power supply

 Operation of high voltage transmission grid

System Operator

 Power import and export.

3. What is the difference between UETCL and UMEME?

UETCL operates the grid above 33kV (Transmission Grid) while UMEME operates grid below 33kV (Distribution Grid)

The transmission grid carries electricity at high voltages from power generation plants and delivers it to distribution companies e.g. UMEME for distribution to final consumers.

The Distribution grid is the electricity network that supplies electricity to final end users e.g. homes, factories, industries, hospitals etc.

4.   When was the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company (UETCL) established?

UETCL was incorporated on 26th March 2001 as a Limited Liability Company and operates under policy guidance of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development.

5. Who are the UETCL clients?

     Our Ugandan clients;

   Umeme Limited, Ferdsult Engineering Service ltd, Bundibugyo Energy Cooperative Society (BECS), Energy Cooperative Society (BECS), PaderAbim Community Multi-purpose Electric Corporative Society Ltd (PACMECS), Kilembe Investments Limited (KIL), Kyegegwa Rural Electrification Cooperatives (KRECS), Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (UEDCL).

    Our clients outside Uganda;

   Kenya power and lighting Co. Limited (KPLC), Tanzania Electricity Supply Co. Limited (TANESCO), Electricity Water & Sanitation Authority (EWSA)-Rwanda, Societe Nationaled’ Electricite (SNEL)-DRC.

6. Who owns Uganda Electricity Transmission Company   (UETCL)? UETCL is a Company wholly owned by GoU and has two equal shareholders, the Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and the Minister of State for Finance in charge of Privatisation.

Board Members

Board of Directors




Mr. Peter Ucanda

Mr. Willy.K.Kiryahika

Ms. Sarah Irumba Muhumuza

Mr. John Walala Genda

Mr. Nicholas Oluka

Mr. Atwine Abdon

Mr. Christopher Mugisha

Mrs. Goergina  Matama Kugonza  Musisi
Company Secretary

Management Team

                             Management Team             





 Mr. Willy.K.Kiryahika








Mr. Katabira Valentine






Mr. Martin Erone
Manager, Corporate Services

  Mr. George Rwabajungu
Manager, Finance, Accounts and Sales


Mr. Fredrick .C.Zesooli 
 Manager, Human Resources & Administration


Mr. BuhangaBoneventura
Manager, Planning & Investment

Mr. Edward Muganyizi
 Manager, Internal Audit

Mr. William Nkemba
Manager, Project Implementation

 Mr. Peter Igibolu
Manager, ICT

Mr. Richard Matsiko
Manager, Operations and Maintenance

Mrs. Georgina Matama Kugoza Musisi
The Company Secretary


The Management Team Organisation Chart

Human Resource and Administration


The department has two sections:
  • Human resource.
  • Administration and welfare.


The mission of HR department is to ensure that human resource is matched to needs of the organization and is effective.


To lead organizational change within UETCL through promotion of its mission, culture and values, positive team working , setting strategic direction and developing staff skills, maintain viable human resource functions according to UETCL policies, procedures and best human resource practices and standards.


Mr. Fredrick.C.Zesooli
Manager, Human Resources and Administration

Human Resource and administration Department Organisation Chart

More Info

Fight Vandalism

Uganda Electricity Transmission Company (UETCL) has faced vandalism of electricity transmission equipment causing a risk of electricity blackout/outage.

T/L Accidents

Accidents that happen along the Transmission line due to human activities or encroachment on wayleaves.Readmore