Power Purchases & Sales

Power Purchases & Sales

UETCL Customers










Hydromax (Nkusi) Ltd



Lubilia Kawembe Hydro Limited

Pader Abim Community Multi-purpose Electric Corporative Society Ltd (PACMECS)

Africa EMS Nyamwamba Limited


Rwimi EP Company Limited

Bundibugyo Energy Cooperative Society (BECS) 


Kyegegwa Rural Electrification Cooperatives


Jelco Nengo Hydro Power company Limited


Elgon HydroSiti 1

Energy Cooperative Society (BECS)






Independent Power  Producers













Tronder Power Limited 

Jacobsen Uganda Power Plant Company Limited


Africa EMS Mpanga Limited

Hydromax (Kabalega Power Station)

Eco-Power Uganda Limited


Power Purchases


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Fight Vandalism

Uganda Electricity Transmission Company (UETCL) has faced vandalism of electricity transmission equipment causing a risk of electricity blackout/outage.

T/L Accidents

Accidents that happen along the Transmission line due to human activities or encroachment on wayleaves.Readmore