Internal Audit

Internal Audit


Internal Audit Department is an independent appraisal function, established within UETCL. It operates as a service to management measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance systems.


  • To develop and formulate audit plans that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of company operations.

  • To implement an effective risk management system and perform internal Audits of high quality based on a business risk focused approach.
  • To provide full coverage of all auditable areas and continuously perform such audits and assignments that will add value to the company.
  • Develop an annual audit plan in risks and controls identified by management and Audit Committee.
  • Develop an anti-fraud and corruption strategy in accordance with the company policies, laws and regulations.
  • Adhere to professional internal auditing standards and constantly up grading with changes in professional practice.


Mr. Edward Muganyizi
Manager, Internal Audit

Internal Audit Department Organisation Chart

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