UETCL Operational Licences


UETCL Operational Licences


Operation of a High Voltage Transmission Grid (HVTG) 

UETCL is licensed to carry out the activities of the Construction, ownership and operation of installations for the High voltage transmission of Electricity in Uganda(above 33kV) 


System Operator 

UETCL is licensed to; coordinate the power supply system to obtain instantaneous balance between the generation and consumption of electricity,coordinate transmission outages, monitor the import and export of electricity and prepare forecasts of capacity requirements.


Bulk power Supply

UETCL is empowered to purchase power to provide continuous and economic supply of electricity to meet the load requirement for customers served directly or indirectly from HVTG facilities at lowest reasonable cost.


Power Export and Import 

UETCL will import and export electricity power to neighboring countries pursuant to the terms of the agreement(s) for such international power transactions.


Public infrastructure provider (PIP)

UETCL HAS a licensed by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to lease out the extra capacity 24/96 optic fiber cores to internet Service Providers (ISPs). The company also uses the fiber for its communication links along its network.


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Fight Vandalism

Uganda Electricity Transmission Company (UETCL) has faced vandalism of electricity transmission equipment causing a risk of electricity blackout/outage.

T/L Accidents

Accidents that happen along the Transmission line due to human activities or encroachment on wayleaves.Readmore