FAQs – About Company Projects


1.   What effects will the transmission line have on us?

     Geotechnical information/data will be collected from specific areas along the line to enable    engineers to design appropriately; ensuring that communities living in flood prone areas are not affected by electricity, in case of accidents.

 2.   Are there chances that high voltage transmission line will pre-dispose the community to diseases like cancer?

 Scientific studies have shown that radiation effect is almost at zero point after the 40 meter width corridor; that is why we urge all those who will be affected to move away from the 40 meter width corridor to ensure safety. No conclusive study has linked radiation with cancer; but to ensure safety, it is not wise to live under the transmission line.

 3.   How does a community benefit from your projects?

 The transmission lines we erect are high voltage lines, but eventually it will boost the distribution lines in the general.

 4.  How much land is needed for a transmission line corridor?

 A 30 meter’ wide corridor is needed for the line and the land is demarcated into two (2) zones namely;

 Right of way : 5 meters to have the access track for maintenance works. This is wholly purchased and transferred to UETCL.

 Wayleaves  :  The remainder of the land within the corridor is for the tower construction / installations and the designated safety area.(This is an easement which remains the property of the owner but used with restrictions.

5.  How What is an easement?

 An easement is when a land owner retains ownership of his property, but conveys limited rights to the easement holder for specific uses. When UETCL obtains an easement, we do so for the construction, operation, and maintenance of a transmission line. We purchase property for substations, rather than obtaining easement rights.

 6.   Who gets affected by the transmission projects?

 Different categories get affected by the transmission line projects. These are called Project Affected Persons(PAPs)

 These include;

 7.   What are the legal requirements to prove ownership of land?

 Land Owners            : Proof of title and purchase agreements.

 Minors                              : Guardianship orders

 Absentee Land Owners         : Signed powers of Attorney

 Survivors of Deceased          : Letters of Administration

 Tenants                             : Consent from Land owners for tenants to   sell to UETCL



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